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Establishing An Emotional Connection With Customers? Here’s How To Adjust Your Strategy

As a Forbes Coaches Council member, I was asked to give a short answer to this question which was compiled with other council members and published.

My answer is #1 – I hope you get value from it!

Today, marketers have to take a different approach to reaching and keeping their customers. With all the “noise” out there, marketers must make emotional connections in the simplest ways possible.

If an emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction, how can marketers adjust their strategies? We asked eight coaches of Forbes Coaches Council to comment. Here’s what they said:

Forbes Coaches Council


1. Consider The Experience You’re Offering

You build brand loyalty by giving your customers the feeling that they are important to you. There are many levels to this — from using language they’ll connect with, to treating them like they matter on social media. Engaging with who they are apart from a hand with a wallet will build customer loyalty. Robocalls are the polar opposite of this strategy.   – Debra RussellArtist’s EDGE 


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