Marketing, PR & Promotion on a Budget w/C. Bret Cambell of Middle Tennessee Music (MTM)

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Songwriting Craft and Collaboration – Hangout

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Had the great pleasure of joining +Christopher Joel Thomspon today for the Songwriting Craft and Collaboration hangout.  Lots of good conversation about songwriting, self-promotion, time management, hangouts, etc.

And what a great group of people.  Chris Thompson is an amazing songwriter and performer, with a passion for music, and a knack for moderating conversations.   Be sure to look for his musical community by the same name (Songwriting Craft and Collaboration).

I was especially excited to cross paths with +Debra Russell from Artist’s EDGE, a true professional and creative coach with lots of great insights to offer.  She mentioned that she will be involved in the upcoming Virtual Music Conference and Expo, something worth checking out if you are interested in learning about the music business.

Also in attendance, social media and all around enthusiasts, +Diane Cobb  and +George Miller from the online show, “Let’s Talk About It”.. and two of my favorite songwriters, and people, +James Olmos and +Suzen JueL

Be sure to check out toward the end, where James shares one of my personal favorite tunes, “Surrender All”.

Thankful for all the inspiration and looking forward to next time.

PS.  If you enjoy the conversation here, keep an eye out for more episodes of ‘Live @ the Google Coffee House’ with myself, James Olmos, and many others from this great community.

Internet Marketing and Social Media –Waste of Time or Key to Success in the New Music Business?

Artists MBA, Foundation ProgramThe internet has paved the way for the Artist Entrepreneur to create your own career without waiting for the record deal, the publishing deal or anybody to “discover” you.

But learning what you need for your business can be quickly overwhelming – do you need a website?  What should be on it?  What about Facebook?  Twitter? YouTube? GooglePlus?

In this class, we’ll explore:

  • Case Studies of Artists who are successful
  • What you need to know when it comes to Internet Marketing and Social Media
  • The fundamental do’s and don’ts best practices

Internet and Social Media Marketing, for the people using it correctly, their success is no accident. Discover how to apply it to your business and the best ways for you to use the power of the Internet to build the career YOU want!

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Goals – What Are They Good For?

I’ve been reading Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, by Daniel H. Pink.  I expect I’ll be writing an article about Motivation when I’m done with it.  But while the book does question the value of setting goals, I am still a big fan of them.  In Drive, the studies seem to discount the value of external drivers toward accomplishment.  And I agree that externally motivated goals are not the way to go.

Goals, Vision, PlanningBut that’s not how I teach you to write goals.  A well-written goal must include your internal motivation, your experience of what your life will be like when you have accomplished the goal.  Because while we benefit from external rewards.  We are driven by our internal needs.  Your goals need to reflect and express your life’s purpose.  And when well-written, I believe that goals allow us to create our lives with volition.

In my experience, goals serve two main purposes:

1 – Definition of Your Path and Your Direction

When you set a goal, you are by its very definition determining that you are going in this direction and you are not going in that direction.  The more specific the goal is, the more defined your direction and the more options you have eliminated.

I believe that’s a good thing.  Very often people become completely paralyzed because they have so many choices, they don’t know where to start and so they just don’t … start….

In my experience with clients and in my own life, it is better to start down a road in a specific direction and change your mind than it is to wait until you know for sure.  Very often, if you begin to move in a particular direction, you can discover information that you would never discover if you wait.  Finding out that this path is the wrong path is extremely useful information. You can decide what you don’t want, which can lead you to more specifically determine what you do want.

And you will develop skills in the process that will greatly enhance your abilities to create success once you clarify your path.

I don’t believe there are any mistakes in life.  Because as long as you are in a learning process you will benefit from your experiences.  And your experiences will feed the next choice.  I have often “accidentally” discovered an amazing opportunity that I would never have seen had I been waiting for the “right” path.

2 – Placing Your Order With the Universe

So, first, I believe in the Law of Attraction.  As a reminder, here are the two main tenets of that law:

  •   What you focus on expands
  •   You get what you expect

So, in terms of goals – when you are focusing on your goal, you are actually expanding your opportunities in that direction.  And since by the very action of setting a goal that you believe is achievable within the time frame you’ve set – you are setting the stage for the achievement of the goal – because you expect it.

I look at goal setting as placing your order with the Universe.  You are inviting the Universe to align with your intentions and support you in manifesting what you want.  You’ve heard the expression – be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.  That’s what this is.

And it’s better to place a specific order than a general, vague order.  Think about it.  What if you went into a restaurant and said to the waiter, “Hello, yes, I’d like some cow, please.”  Do you know what you’ll get?  You might get a steak, but you might get tongue (yech!).

On the other hand, if you say to the waiter, “I’d like a filet mignon, with a baked potato, sour cream on the side, and an order of steamed broccoli.”  You’re more likely to enjoy that meal.

So, what are your goals for 2013?  And does this help you begin to think more specifically and clearly?  Please share your insights!

First Annual Songwriting Craft and Collaboration Hangout

I’m proud to announce that Debra Russell will be joining us for our First Annual Songwriting Craft and Collaboration Hangout.
Saturday Jan. 26th @ 12pm (Pacific Time Zone)
Debra has created several innovative programs which have been presented at entertainment industry trade conferences including SXSW, the Western Arts Alliance, TAXI Road Rally, NSAI’s Songposium and Advanced Songwriter’s Camp, San Francisco Women’s Film Festival as well as to private groups and organizations throughout the US and Australia.

Music Professionals of G+ Panel on SEO Black Hat vs. White Hat

I participated in the first 30 minutes or so of this Panel conducted for the Music Professionals of G+ about buying fans, SEO, and social proof.

Moderating was C Bret Campbell of Middle Tennessee Music, other guests were Mark Ferrasci, Diane Cobb, Matthias Schaller, Richard Wildman, and Ronnie Bincer share their expertise and advice for the Mid Tenn audience.