Artists Marketing & Business Academy

Success, music business, art business, sales and marketingYou know how some people in the Arts & Entertainment Industry feel like Business corrupts Creativity?

Or believe that in order to be truly successful doing what you love you have to some how sell out your soul?

Or be someone other than who you naturally are?

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by the path to success? If only there was an instruction manual!



You don’t need to change who you are.

You need to understand how business works and how you can make your business work for you.

But Debra, isn’t my Art Business unique? If you work with musicians, how can you understand my business as a fine artist?

Certainly, every industry and sub-industry has idiosyncrasies. But fundamentally, business is business is business.

“I just want to let you know how important Artist’s EDGE is to me. I was in a challenging work situation and listening to your Artists MBA classes was one of the things that balanced me.”

Kate Ruddle, Visual Artist and Sculptor

Whether you’re running a doughnut shop on the corner or running a touring band, a Fortune 500 company with 50,000 employees or creating amazing paintings for a living

The path to success is applying simple business concepts to your particular business.

And then stand on the foundation of your strong business to shine out your uniquely beautiful creation.

I have worked with professionals, both privately and through the ArtistsMBA in

  • the music business,
  • the film and television industry,
  • dancers,
  • fiction and non-fiction writers,
  • audiobook producers,
  • painters,
  • sculptors,
  • photographers and so many others.

I have helped my clients build successful businesses and utilize all of the amazing opportunities using the latest in Internet and Social Media.

Chuck Hughes BandI listened to your class on Internet Marketing and Social Media last week and I implemented just a few of your suggestions and had my best Twitter week ever!

Chuck Hughes

Creating success means using what makes you unique as an artist to create a profitable and sustainable business that represents your values and your creative genius.

And this works in every business, even yours.

“I trusted you and I persisted.

And I’m here to tell you, it works. It’s amazing.”

Vikki Flawith, the Shy Singer

I’ve created the Artists Marketing & Business Academy so that you can learn what you need to succeed in your business, do what you love and create a strong, prosperous and sustainable career.

The Artists Marketing & Business Academy Concept

The Foundation Program

Gives you a foundation of knowledge. So you can feel confident and courageous in pursuit of your dreams. So you can make powerful choices and take clear action and achieve your goals!

The Professional Program

Gives you specific How-To instructions to apply the knowledge you acquired in the Foundation Program to your business in your industry. This isn’t fluffy feel good motivation. This is practical and pragmatic step-by-step instruction how to build your unique business doing what you love.

With classes covering everything from:

  • how to run your business efficiently and effectively – so you can get back to doing what you love
  • how to handle your time and your money making the best use of your precious resources
  • how to market your business, so you can make a healthy, prosperous and sustainable living
  • how to grow your business, so that its not just you doing all the work!
  • and how to handle your own fears and challenges as well as the slings and arrows of this business, so you have the courage and freedom to create and prosper

The Artists Marketing & Business Academy will teach you what you need to know and how to implement it each and every day.

“I’ve been working the ‘S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’ steps outlined in “The Roadmap to Success” class and am having a great time doing it. Inventive, inspiring and creative stuff that’s taking the drudgery out of the business side.”

-Jean Synodinos, Musician


5 Learning Tracks

The Artists Marketing & Business Academy is organized in learning tracks, each focusing on an area vital to your success.

With “podcast” style classes specifically designed for the creative mindset, I give you real world, practical knowledge about how to run your business while staying true to your values.

Feel free to click through and read about each Track and the curriculum or download the most recent Course Catalog:

Take the classes in order (recommended), or focus on the area that feels most urgent.

In each track, you will find introductory classes in the Foundation Program that offer you a thorough overview, building your foundation of knowledge and understanding. Taking the mystery out of business.

And when you’re ready to put these concepts into action in your business advance into the Professional Program classes, which give you “How-To” instruction to fully build these practical concepts into your day-to-day business.

Plus the Professional Program has bonus Interviews with Experts from many areas of the Arts & Entertainment Industry and Business to expand your knowledge and your mastery.

Choose from:

Level One: Foundation Program –

$5 for first 10 days/ $24 Monthly Subscription

For a full 10 days, you get access to all the introductory classes in all the learning tracks.

Give it a test drive!

Dig around and discover whether this program is for you, for the price of a Happy Meal! You can cancel at any time.

Your tuition will automatically renew at the ridiculously low price of $24 at the end of your 10 day trial period.

Level Two: Professional Program –

 $44 Monthly Subscription

Are you ready to go ALL IN? If so, join the Professional Program. You’ll receive:

  • All the Foundation Program Classes – the key to a strong house is a strong foundation. AND
  • Advanced “How To” classes in each subject, which build on the Foundation Program concepts.
  • Bonus Interviews with Experts on all aspects of Business and the Arts & Entertainment Industry and Business

Enroll in the Artists Marketing & Business Professional Program

My name is Debra Russell. I’m a certified business coach and I’ve devoted the last decade to working to help people in all areas of the Arts & Entertainment Industry to create sustainable success by bringing their creativity to bear on their business. It is my Mission to eliminate the “starving artist.”

As an Artist myself (I worked in Film, Television and Theater for 20 years), I understand the unique challenges of running a business in the Arts. I bring all of that life experience plus my training and a dozen+ years of experience as a coach to bear to help you realize your dreams.