Alternative Marketing for Visual Artists Presented by Art Business Consultant and Coach, Martha Zlatar

artists-marketing-business-academy-interview-with-expertsMainstream art galleries are not the only way to sell your artwork. Actually most successful visual artists do not make the majority of their sales from galleries.

Designed specifically for visual and spatial artists, this workshop will get you thinking outside of the gallery so you can find alternative spaces for your artwork.

In this class you will discover:

  • Types of galleries: Non-profit vs. Mainstream vs. Edgy Cutting Edge
  • Is the gallery system right for you?
  • How your goals help define your venue (exposure vs. sales)
  • Ways to take your art on tour (from hotels, to banks to building lobbies)
  • Possible alternative strategies for your art career.

I want to personally thank Martha – a fellow Artists Marketing & Business Academy member – for stepping in for me while I’m in Los Angeles expanding my coaching skills.

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Martha Zlatar

visual artist, marketingAs an Art Business Consultant, Ms. Zlatar advises emerging and mid-career visual artists and performers on realizing their artistic and financial goals. She coaches on clarity of vision, relationship with money, gallery representation, alternatives to the gallery scene, time management, and many other issues relevant to art entrepreneurs.

Her passion for business, psychology and the arts led her to launch ArtMatch, an art business consulting and coaching practice that supports artists in becoming more business savvy so they can sustain themselves through their artistry.

Ms. Zlatar comes with 20 years of diverse business experience in Market Research, International Business, Event Management & Promotion, Training and Meeting Facilitation and Art Business Consulting (New York City, Brussels, New Orleans and San Francisco). Aside from running her private practice, she is the Artist Outreach Consultant for the Small Business Development Center in San Francisco and Oakland. She also lectures on the Business of Art and Locating New Markets for Art at various organizations in the Bay Area.

Her eclectic background brings a fresh and new perspective to the business world and the Arts Community. Ms. Zlatar is originally from Latin America, has a degree in Marketing, an MBA, is fluent in Spanish and French and is an avid photographer and improviser.