Debra Recommends National Writers Union

Debra Russell recommends, poetry, writing, art and entertainment industryThe National Writers Union is the trade union for freelance and contract writers: journalists, book authors, business and technical writers, web content providers, and  poets. With the combined strength of nearly 2,000 members in 16 chapters nationwide, and with the support of the United Automobile Workers (UAW), the Union works to defend the rights and improve the economic and working conditions of all writers.

Debra Recommends Poets & Writers

Debra Russell recommends, poetry, writing, art and entertainment industry

Poets & Writers, Inc. is the primary source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers. Founded in 1970, it is the nation’s largest nonprofit literary organization serving poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers. Their national office is located in New York City and California branch office is based in Los Angeles.

Since it was founded in 1970, Poets & Writers, Inc. has grown to become the nation’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers. Their mission is to foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the U.S. literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public.

Each year, over 100,000 poets, fiction, and creative non-fiction writers benefit from P&W’s programs, which include its eponymous magazine; a dynamic, information-rich Web site; financial support for readings and other literary events; and sponsorship of multiple writing prizes and awards.

Debra Recommends 1ShoppingCart

All Your Shopping Cart Needs in One Place!
Debra Russell recommends, shopping cart, internet marketing, sales and marketing

I use 1ShoppingCart and it solved so many problems for me out of the gate, I didn’t mind the expense.

Now, if you’re good at html, programming and what not – you could probably use one of those free shopping carts that comes with your web host.  Or bring in Zen Cart or one of the other shopping carts out there.

But if you’re like me and you want something that requires very little programming to customize the look and feel.  And a system that offers all the bells and whistles you want and need from your shopping cart – this is a great solution!

  • Flexible Shopping Cart
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Real-Time Shipping
  • Physical & Digital Products
  • SSL Secure Checkout
  • Custom Tax & Discounts
  • Track Orders & Payments
  • Online & Offline Payments
  • Affiliate Program
  • Up-sells & Cross-sells

Debra Recommends Audio Acrobat – Easy Audio!


Create Audio for your website, record teleclasses, testimonials, podcasts – quickly, easily, and inexpensively.  No equipment to buy.  No special skills necessary.  I’ve built my entire Artists Marketing & Business Academy based on this tool!

Debra Recommends CardScan

Debra Russell recommends, contact management, sales and marketing, CRM

I have been using a CardScan scanner since 2003, and it’s saved me literally hundreds of hours. I gather business cards where ever I go. And these cards used to sit in piles on my desk. Now, in a jif, I scan them into a database, add them to my newsletter list – and they become part of my network, instead of part of the chaos on my desk.

Click the link above to buy now.

Debra Recommends Constant Contact – Email Marketing

Debra Russell recommends, email marketing, newsletter, build your list, Constant Contact’s leading email marketing and online survey tools—supported by its expert personal coaching and support—help all types of small businesses and organizations create professional-looking email newsletters and insightful online surveys and begin a dialogue with their customers. Today, more than 200,000 customers worldwide trust Constant Contact to help them connect with their audience.

You can try Constant Contact’s quick, easy, and affordable email marketing and online survey products FREE for 60 days. You don’t even need to give them a credit card.

When you become a Constant Contact customer, you and I will each receive a $30 credit to our Constant Contact account! It’s their way of thanking customers for spreading the word about Constant Contact.

Try Constant Contact Now (Affiliate Link)

For someone who is serious about email marketing – aWeber is a more sophisticated tool. But for those of us who just want to get information out quickly without a lot of technology – I find Constant Contact to do the job nicely. And CC is what I use personally.

Attitude of Gratitude Or How to Handle Rejection and the Other Hard Stuff!

Artists MBA, Professional ProgramHard stuff happens – rejection, loss, having to learn new stuff, overwhelm – you know, hard stuff.

We know from the Law of Attraction that what you focus on expands and what you expect you get.

So how do you put the hard stuff into a context that creates and expands the good stuff?


In this class we explore:

  • Having an attitude of gratitude
  • Reframing your context – as a method for shifting your focus
  • Embracing all of life’s experiences with curiosity and a beginner’s mind

With practice, you will find that these techniques can give you the ability to stay calm, focused and optimistic, no matter what’s going on around you.

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Ready to get serious? Enroll in the Artists Marketing & Business Academy Professional Program to access these classes today!

Your Tuition ($79 per month) includes all Foundation level classes PLUS the Professional level classes PLUS the Time Management Mastery Course & App.

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Attitude of Gratitude or How to Handle the Hard Stuff

In general, when bad things happen or when the good stuff doesn’t happen fast enough, many people have one of two reactions – avoidance or blame.  And neither of those responses will make you feel better or create a different outcome in your future.

What will shift things for you is to consciously, intentionally choose your response. This is called response-ability (pun completely intended).  When something happens that is different than what you believe you want – the only proactive and empowering choice is to own it – this is my result.

Blame is NOT the Same as Responsibility

As long as you’re avoiding it (if I don’t look at it, maybe it will go away) or blaming someone or something for it (it’s the business, it’s the economy, it’s my childhood, it’s my parents, blah, blah, blah) or even if you’re blaming yourself (it’s all my fault for not doing/saying/thinking the right thing) – you are not taking responsibility and you are powerless.

So, I recommend looking at all circumstances with an attitude of gratitude.  Now, that may sound all new-agey woo-woo to you.  I mean, when you’re drowning under the flood of bad stuff, how the heck are you supposed to feel grateful, right?

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  Viktor E. Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning.

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl explores his horrible experiences in a Nazi Death-Camp.  If he could find meaning in the suffering of a Concentration Camp, don’t you think you might be able to look for a glimmer of light and gratitude in the midst of your own human drama?

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for

When I was very ill with CFS, I practiced being grateful for the days I could stand long enough to brush my teeth.  And if you practice looking for what there is to be grateful for, that will expand – there will be more and more blessings in your life.  Because what we focus on expands.

But maybe that’s too much to start with.  What if you just start with curiosity?  What if you look at your circumstances, and ask – “Huh, isn’t that interesting – I wonder what this is about?  What’s the lesson here?  How do I grow, expand and develop from this place?”  And choose to respond with gratitude for the experience, the learning, the challenge that asks you to overcome – to be bigger than you’re used to.

All of our experiences, in each moment are our teachers, but only if we actually look for the learning.

By the way, if you’re doing this just so the bad feelings will go away and the bad stuff will stop happening – that’s another form of avoidance.  So, acceptance-of-what-is is an important piece of this puzzle.

There is no failure, only feedback

So, your job is to respond with the question – what’s the positive, constructive feedback in this experience?

So much of our experience is determined by what questions we ask about our situation.  So, let me suggest a few alternative questions:

Instead of – why does this always happen to me?  How about – What’s the payoff for me in creating this experience over and over?  What benefit am I getting?

Instead of – Why can’t I get what I want?  How about – What can I learn from what I am getting and how can I experiment with different responses to achieve different outcomes?

Instead of – What am I doing wrong?  How about – what am I doing right?  And how are my expectations creating this result?

Instead of – Why do I have to work so hard (or why is life so hard)?  How about – how am I creating my own suffering?  How could I think about these circumstances differently so I can move out of suffering and begin to enjoy this process?

Instead of – Why are there always these obstacles in front of me?  How about – what are some new and different (out-of-the-box) ways to get around these obstacles?  Who can help me with this?  What are the most outrageous possible solutions to this problem?

If your questions focus on the value, the learning, the opportunities and the joy of the process and the experience, your attitude will organically shift into gratitude.

So start asking good questions, empowering questions, humorous questions and questions focused on solutions.  And always, always, always, be looking for what the blessings are in each experience.

I am truly grateful that you take your precious time to read my words.

What do YOU stand for?

I was having dinner with a client and two new friends the other night.  And we were talking about values and Ben Franklin’s Virtues.

Senia, a positive psychology coach, chimed in that she had used her name to create an anagram for her values.  And then we were off!  So we all came up with a Values Anagram using our names! I like mine so much, that I had to share it with you!

  • D – Discipline
  • E – Exploration and Experimentation
  • B – Bravery
  • R – Responsibility
  • A – Attitude!

So tell me, what do you stand for?  As we all have our own unique meanings for words, over the next few posts, I’ll tell you what those words mean to me.