The Mindset of a Leader – Part 1

Artists MBA, Professional ProgramWhen we think about leaders, usually our focus is on their behavior and how their behavior influences the world around them.  And perhaps we try to emulate that behavior with varying levels of success.

The reason we have varying levels of success is because behaviors come from underlying beliefs about our world and our place within our world.  In order to become authentic leaders in our own lives, we must build a foundation of beliefs that empower leadership behavior.

In this, the first of 3 classes, using Christopher Howard’s 18 Assumptions of Empowered Leadership, we explore:

  • The first 6 Assumptions of Empowered Leadership
  • The benefits and challenges of each assumption
  • And how we can apply them in our day-to-day lives

This is a class to engage in as you build your own foundation of leadership in your life.

Additional Resources for this Class:

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Your Tuition ($79 per month) includes all Foundation level classes PLUS the Professional level classes PLUS the Time Management Mastery Course & App.

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Debra Recommends Ann Evanston – Social Networking Coaching Club

Debra Russell recommends, internet marketing, Social Media Marketing, Ann Evanston, Warrior-Preneur, twitterI took a Twitter Technology class with Ann and I learned SO much, that I signed up for her Social Networking Coaching Club. I’ve been learning a lot – and really diving deep into the social networking world as a result of her support! Many of the principles I teach my Members and clients I learned at her knee!

I recommend Ann and her Social Networking Coaching Club! She is committed to teaching the strategies and tactics to successful social networking to grow your business, increase traffic, and generate revenue!

Most people do NOT understand the social psychology of how to market their business online without wasting tons of time and energy. Truly build credibility and have your marketing go “viral” with this system!

The Social Networking Coaching Club provides a customized coaching process, online rather than 1:1 which is far more costly! Get results quickly and feedback specific for what YOU are trying to achieve!

Growing your business online makes smart business sense these days. Learning how to do it right the first time is critical. There are many people out there who claim to be “Social Media Experts.” And they charge some pretty nice fees to “coach” people to improve their online marketability. There are also many people out there trying to be “helpful” but have no clue of how to extend strategic help!

What Ann says about her experience with Social Networking:
I am a HUGE fan of social networking – it has expanded my internet presence and closed business for me. As a matter of fact I ran 3Q numbers and I have pulled $30,000, and a book and radio deal for business in 2008 from social networking! (Oh, and I was a featured speaker at BizTechDay – I loved the “heavy hitters” I got to play with that day!)  The opportunities are endless on the internet! And if you practice what is in my Social NetWORKing article you can be successful at it!

If you are serious about true social networking to grow your business, not shoving your business at everyone (it gets old!) then this site is for you! Learn the secrets for success! Go to the Social Networking Coaching Club to sign up or learn more!




Debra Recommends Ning – Create Your Social Network

Debra Russell recommends, Artist's EDGE, Ning, Social Networking is a very cool thing!  Ning lets you create your own social network and/or join others.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Ning offers an easy-to-use technology platform enabling you to create and join Ning Networks for your interests and passions.

With over 1.3 million Ning social networks created and more than 30 million registered members, millions of people every day are coming together across Ning to explore and express their interests, discover new passions, and meet new people around shared pursuits.

Ning also enables artists, brands and organizations to simplify and control their online presence with their own unique Ning Network that beautifully integrates with other social media services while providing the most direct, unique and lucrative relationship with fans, consumers and members.

Founded in October 2004 by Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen, Ning launched the Ning Platform in October 2005 and Ning social networks in February 2007.

Check out Ning!




Debra Recommends Patrick Schwerdtfeger Internet Marketing Expert

patrick-l1I met Patrick in 2006 through his San Francisco Bay Area Meetup – The Entrepreneur and Small Business Academy.  I am tremendously impressed with his vast knowledge of marketing on the internet, SEO and social media marketing.

Patrick is, frankly, a self-described geek and ridiculously passionate about all things internet marketing.  And he has a way of using his passion to make this stuff comprehensible and actually interesting to those of us non-technical people.  I’ve attended several workshops he’s taught and interviewed him for the Artist’s EDGE Membership.  His class for the Membership garnered more enthusiastic feedback than any other class or interview I’ve done.

I strongly recommend Patrick’s books, classes, and CD’s if you want to learn about promoting your business on the internet.

Check out Patrick Schwerdtfeger and Tactical Execution.



Social Media Marketing – Part 1

This past week has been all about Social Media Marketing for me.  On Tuesday, I interviewed the fabulous Ariel Hyatt from Cyberpr for the Artist’s EDGE Membership “Interview With an Expert” Series.  She answered very clearly the question:

Social Media Marketing – Why?

And then on Thursday, I attended an in depth seminar with Ann Evanston from called Twitter Technology Training (or T3 for short!).  In this event Ann answered very clearly the question:

Twitter Marketing – How?

How serendipitous to do these to trainings back to back.  Because now, I’m completely fired up about doing the social media thing the right way – and I no longer feel completely overwhelmed by it.  And so, of course, I want to help you feel the same way.

Around the turn of our new century it became clear to most small business owners that they were going to have to have a web presence if they wanted to create success doing what they loved.  I believe that we are experiencing a similar tipping point around social media marketing.  You’re just going to have to have a presence in the social media world in order to create a successful business doing what you love.  Not doing it means leaving a lot of money on the table and giving your competition, who is using social media, a huge edge.

So the question then becomes – how do you build this into your marketing strategy in a way that makes sense for your business and for your sanity?

The short answer is to choose the top three social media sites to focus on and then create a system using the tools and techniques to make the most powerful impact with your presence and best use of your time.

Ariel gave us her top 5 and I have to agree.  They are:

If you are in the music industry, you absolutely must have a presence on MySpace.  If you’re not in the music industry, I recommend against it.  I think everybody should be on Twitter and Linkedin.  Twitter will help you build a relationship with your clients/customers as well as your colleagues.  Twitter is also amazing at increasing your presence across the search engines.

Linkedin will help you build relationships with your colleagues and can be a great source of joint venture opportunities, and an opportunity to build credibility and buzz about who you are and what you do.

I believe the jury’s still out on Facebook and the best way to do business on what is for most people, primarily a social medium.  I see a lot of people making some major mistakes on Facebook – such as inviting people to a local event 3000 miles away from where they live.  Event invites are becoming the scourge of Facebook – and I think you can do a lot more harm than good there.  But I believe, if used correctly, Facebook can be a great way to deepen your relationship with your fans, clients and customers – Step 7 in the Multiple Streams of Business Income concept.

The power of YouTube has been well established – just take the brilliant “Will It Blend?” campaign created by Blendtec®. The best piece of advice I’ve heard about YouTube is to worry less about the quality of the video and more about the quality of the message.

If it’s too slick, it won’t stick on YouTube!

In addition, there may be other social media sites unique to your target market.  There are tons of sites and new ones being added by the day.  I recommend picking your top 3 and get things up and running there, before adding more or you will just get overwhelmed.  In order for Social Media Marketing to work for you, you must create a winning strategy and work it consistently over time.  Remember the old marketing adage 7-15 touches before you exist in a new customer’s mind.  You can’t do that if you start something and don’t maintain it with consistency.  And with 17,148 new messages/minute on Twitter (according to (resource no longer available) – a number that changes depending on the day and time of day – but you get the point), consistency is going to be key to your marketing effectiveness.

In Part 2, I’ll talk about the culture and mindset of the social media world as well as some really cool tools that I’ve discovered.


I believe that Leadership, or the lack thereof, underlies many if not all of the challenges that we are experiencing in today’s world.  But what is Leadership?

Leadership – A 21st Century Concept

According to the dictionary, Leadership is the position or function of a leader.  (I hate when dictionaries define a word with the word itself, don’t you?)  The definition of a leader: a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.

And I think that is exactly the mistake we are making in our world.  Who am I to call myself a leader – I’m not a directing head of anything but my own life!

We are waiting for someone else to lead, someone else to take responsibility for our lives, someone else to judge what’s right or wrong, someone else to fix what’s wrong in the world.  While on the one hand, I think that having a centralized government is generally a good thing.  Our world is really too complex to work without that, I certainly don’t want to be dealing with paving that big pothole or providing electricity to the city!

On the other hand, I believe that giving over the responsibility for my own judgment, my own authority to someone who lives far away and over whom I have no influence is a mistake.

It fosters corruption.  And it gives me a convenient scapegoat for all that doesn’t work in my life.  It sets up an environment of shame and blame and empowers a victim mentality.  It creates a society that is OK with corporations that steal from the individual as long as the stockholders are making money; with a health care system that takes your money but doesn’t take care of your health; with waste and a pollution which may yet make our planet uninhabitable; with a government that undermines our human rights in the name of security.

All because we’ve given away our leadership.

On an individual level, we don’t learn to trust ourselves.  We are taught to trust the authorities in our lives over our own internal guidance from early infancy, whether it’s our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders or our peers.  This can create tremendous stress, self-esteem issues, and challenges with addiction and depression, because we feel helpless, a piece of flotsam in a vast sea of conflicting and violent currents.  And because we’ve forgotten how truly powerful each and every one of us is.

And it fosters an inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for our own actions, our own outcomes, even our own feelings.  But the truth is, taking ownership of our action and our outcomes, being responsible for our feelings – these are skills we can learn. And so I’ve created my mantra, in order to create myself as an authentic leader in each moment, in each day:

I have the opportunity TODAY
To live my life how I intend my life to be
In balance and with consistency

I’ve become passionate about the challenge of personal leadership.  How do I create authentic leadership from within myself and how can I empower you, my clients, and my readers to do the same?  I believe that we co-create our world in each moment of every day.  Join with me on this journey of exploration, personal growth, creation and expansion.  So that we can co-create a world that truly works, that empowers life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that gives equal opportunity to each and every one of us.