Solution #8: Lack of Balance

What it feels like:

You’ve got nothing left.

You’ve lost the joy you used to feel in the creative act.

You feel so burned out you can barely stand to drag yourself to your gig and your relationships are falling apart.

  • You pour all your time and energy into the day job that supports you day-to-day, and have little left over to pursue a serious career doing what you love, let alone the energy to be creative.
  • You pour all your time and energy into running your creative career and have little left over for creating, let alone relaxation, relationship, friends, or anything else you enjoy.
  • You are working so hard that you’ve lost the joy you used to feel in the creative act.
  • You are getting physically ill, often.
  • You get really inspired and busy, and then push yourself and push yourself, and don’t take care of yourself, until you completely collapse.  So that you can’t take advantage of the opportunities that your flurry of activity created.

No matter how hard you try to do it all, something has to give. Unfortunately, for people who are struggling with this challenge, it’s often their health that gives. Don’t let that be you.


Just stop and think and look at your life!

What do you truly want? Ignore the voice in your head that is pushing you to go, go, go, go. You can stop for 5 minutes. You can. And if you don’t, your body will force you to.

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Solution #9: Creativity Blockage

What it feels like:
You feel so blocked. When you do get a few minutes to be creative, it just doesn’t flow.

  • You sit down to create and nothing comes, or what comes feels horrible.
  • You have been pushing so hard and working so hard that you feel burnt out and there is nothing left to give to your art.
  • Or you are performing and are so worried about doing it right, that you aren’t able to let go and enjoy being in the moment.

This shouldn’t be so hard. You’re an artist – it should just flow easily. And maybe it did at one time, but doesn’t seem to anymore. So how do you get back to the joy? How do you release the muse? How do you unblock your creativity?

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Solution #10: Lack of Belief

What it feels like:

I don’t really believe that I can make it in this business.

No matter what you do or what you accomplish, it just doesn’t “feel” good enough. That little voice on the inside keeps bringing up all your obstacles:

  • “You don’t take your art seriously enough”
  • “You just suck at the business stuff!”
  • “There is SO much competition out there you’ll never make it”

Or even more subtle:

  • “It feels wrong to blow your own horn”
  • “If you make too much of yourself, people won’t like you”
  • “Who do you think you are, pretending to have talent? You know they’re going to eventually figure out that you’re a fraud.”

Perhaps you can push through your negative beliefs to accomplish and overcome.  But you feel like you have to push through every single time and it’s just exhausting.  Kind of like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain.

Does this sound familiar? Or perhaps you have a few of your own unique ways of torturing yourself. These are your beliefs. See this challenge isn’t a lack of belief.  It’s having beliefs that SUCK! Beliefs that undermine you, cause you to misstep, make bad choices, and sabotage yourself.

They may not be your only beliefs and you may have really strong beliefs about your abilities, your talent and your possibility of success. But we are complex beings and you can hold conflicting beliefs, simultaneously. The real question is which belief is running the show?  And how do you put the empowering beliefs in charge?

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