Entrepreneurial Success

3 Critical Skills for Entrepreneurial Success by @artistsedge

by Debra Russell | Featured Contributor


Entrepreneurial Success

In my 13+ years of business coaching, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners from many industries, though my specialty is in the Arts & Entertainment industry.

As a result, I’ve come to 2 conclusions:

  1. Not all people are cut out to be entrepreneurs / business owners
  2. Talent and passion are not enough

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

There’s a lot of hype and romance around being a business owner, thanks to folks like Robert Kiyosaki, who make it almost embarrassing to be happy as an employee.

I’m the first to say – if being an employee suits your personality and your lifestyle – DO THAT! There is no shame in loving your job and being happy in that role. I couldn’t do it, myself. And I envy that a little. I’ve never had a paid vacation in my life – and there are times when I would kill to be paid to take 2 weeks off!

Knowing yourself, what you want, and what you’re willing to do in order to be successful should precede any decision to start your own business.

Is this you?

  • You thrive in a highly structured environment where others make the key decisions
  • When you see a situation with a clear risk of failure, you walk in the other direction
  • You know what you’re good at, and don’t really want to spend time doing anything else
  • You prefer to climb a clearly laid out path toward advancement and success

If this sounds like you, you will be better served finding a well-paying job doing tasks that suit your skills and interests.

If, however you are more like this:

  • You want to be the decision maker and prefer setting up your own schedule and structure
  • You lean in to fear and risk, not in a self-destructive way, but because you relish the challenge
  • You enjoy the variability of wearing different hats, you savor the way different activities make you think and feel
  • You prefer to blaze your own trail, if it’s too simple, easy and direct, you’re bored

If this second set of bullet points sound more like you – you may already have the makings of a successful entrepreneur. However, there are skills that you will need to learn in order to create real, lasting and sustainable success.


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