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Don’t be a Needy Artist

Over the past few years, since I started doing the Ask Coach Debra Calls and being more active on Twitter and Facebook, I've had many encounters that go something like this:

Facebook Promotion Etiquette

In the last week, 2 people have gone onto my Facebook Pages - Debra Russell and Artists Marketing & Business Academy - and posted that I should check out their Facebook Page or ReverbNation Page. And my first reaction was - wow, that's rude.


Suppose that what you fear could be trapped and held in Paris. Then…

Some Fun Alternative Definitions of FEAR

False Evidence Appearing Real – the canonical one False…

An Open Letter to LunarPages

or Why I Recommend Against Using LunarPages to Host Your Website The…
Belief, emotional intelligence, Fear


Confidence, as an issue, comes up for my clients, in one form…

Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small Can Payoff BIG!

What is a Niche, really?  And why is everybody talking about…

Venues and Artists – A Complex Relationship

Last week, an interesting conversation erupted on a music list-serve that I participate in. I think there is much to be learned from this both by the Venue Owners/Bookers and the Performing Artists who depend on those bookers for their gigs. I have removed all of the names/locations because the real issues here are applicable across locations, genre and venue size. If you are a performing artist looking to book gigs - I strongly recommend you read on - don't make these mistakes yourself! And if you are a venue owner or booker - you may also find this informative.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Or Will They? Many artists in the music industry believe that all they have to do is record a CD and their audience is sure to show up. I believe that this mythology has had a detrimental impact on the DIY musicians’ success promoting their music. So, let’s deconstruct this idea and really take a look at it.

How to Maintain Consistent Growth and Development

Have you ever pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?  You…

Goals and Success

In my practice I come across a lot of artists with big dreams. Whether it's a Grammy Award Winning music career, winning an Oscar or getting a show at MOMA, we dream of a level of success, recognition and income for our creative efforts. It's human nature to dream of success, however you define it. Where a lot of artists (and other people) go wrong in their pursuit of those dreams, they never make the transition from dream/fantasy to vision/goals.

Setting Goals for 2011

Every year, I take some personal time to assess, adjust, write new goals for the New Year and make a plan for achieving those goals. I'd like to share part of this process with you - and encourage you to use it for yourself to create a powerful, prosperous and joyful 2011. I hope you will find this peek into my process helpful. In this eighth post in the series, I'm moving into the second step of my process - Goal Setting for 2011

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