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Niche Marketing

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2 More Reasons You Fail to Achieve Your Goals

I came across a great blog post at dumblittleman.com, entitled - 4 Reasons You Fail to Achieve Your Goals. And I'd like to add two more:

Maintaining Motivation

If you want to not only create motivation in yourself, but also be able to maintain it over time, the type of reasons to do something are also critically important. When you are looking at your reasons for doing something - you want your reasons to be forward motivated, not away-from motivated.

PR vs. Advertising

Small Business owners who do not have a background in marketing…
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Creator’s Block

Whether you are writing words, writing songs, painting, taking photographs, sculpting, designing jewelry or in any way creating on a regular basis, creator's block can happen. So, in this month's newsletter, I'm going to look at creator's block, give you an overview of possible causes (which I'll be writing more about in my blog) and a technique to help you break through your block.

Create Your Reality

Every morning, I like to start the day by creating a context for the day. Some people think of these as affirmations, but that's not quite what I mean. I mean that I decide what my perspective is for the day. What's my paradigm? How am I going to perceive my world, my circumstances, my environment? What reality do I choose today? My context gives meaning to the world. It actually creates my experience.

Attitude of Gratitude or How to Handle the Hard Stuff

Everywhere you look, there’s bad news. Bad news in the world, bad news on the job front, bad news. And to make it worse it’s cold out, and gets dark early. Could actually get a girl down.

What do YOU stand for?

I was having dinner with a client and two new friends the other…

The Economy and Your Business

There's a saying floating around out there among the financial and personal growth Gurus - "I refuse to participate in the recession." I intend to help you come up with an even better, more empowering mantra to keep you focused and clear in this time of challenge, uncertainty and fear.

How to Do What you Fear

How do you take the day-to-day actions that feal scary or hard? Here are a few tips to make it easier.
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Motivation and Momentum-The Missing Keys to Successful Time Management

What is motivation, really? It is what drives your behavior. And according to the experts in the sciences of neurology and behavior - 95% of what drives our behavior as human beings is unconscious!

How to Create a Values-Based Career

We hear the term battered around, but do you really know what your values are? Values are what you, personally, consider to be really and truly important. And here's the challenge - this is completely subjective and often completely unconscious.

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