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3 Critical Skills for Entrepreneurial Success by @artistsedge

by Debra Russell | Featured Contributor   In my 13+ years of business coaching, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners from many industries, though my specialty is in the Arts & Entertainment industry. As a result, I’ve come to 2 conclusions: Not all people are cut out to be entrepreneurs / business owners […]

Is it Failure or Feedback? by @artistsedge

by Debra Russell | Featured Contributor So often, we make decisions based on the fear of failure. We avoid taking risks in our business, because we might fail. We don’t ask for what we want, because we interpret “No” to mean failure. We don’t ask for the sale, ask the scary questions, or ask for […]

BGE Radio powered by BlogTalk: BGE Presents

Certified Business Coach for the Arts and Entertaiment Industry- Debra Russell joins Jiggy Jag to discuss all the right strategic concepts, Business operations, Marketing, and Branding opportunities that should not be missed as an artist grow in today’s world of music. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/buildgrowandenjoy/2013/09/20/bge-radio-powered-by-blogtalk

Debra Russell’s ArtistsMBA Professional Mentorship Tour

Debra Russell’s ArtistsMBA Professional Mentorship Tour – YouTube https://artists-edge.com/products/inve… Debra Russell of Artist’s EDGE gives you a tour of the additional benefits of joining the Artists Marketing & Business Academy at the Professional Mentorship Level. In addition to all the classes, advanced classes and interviews with experts you get at the Foundation and Professional Programs, […]

Marketing, PR & Promotion on a Budget w/C. Bret Cambell of Middle Tennessee Music (MTM)

Streamed live on Jul 26, 2013 A conversation w/C. Bret Campbell of Middle Tennessee Music. (www.MidTnMusic.com) about marketing, promotions and press on a budget for both Artists & Industry service providers. Hosted by Diana Barnes of, Suede Management (http://about.me/suede_management) Indie Connect-NYC Chapter, (www.indieconnectnyc.com) Indie News at Noon (www.indienewsatnoon.com) Participants: Debra Russell of Artists EDGE (www.artists-edge.com) […]