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14 Steps For Creating An Amazing Online Personal Brand

Have you ever searched for a company’s website or social media page only to realize they have neither? If you have, odds are you got the impression they’re either not legitimate or way behind the times. My answer is #5 – I hope you get value from it!   READ MORE

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Bad Quarter? 13 Ways To Restrategize And Recover

While sometimes it is up for debate, it is generally accepted that, eventually, all companies will have a bad quarter. This usually means that goals were not met, especially revenue goals. My answer is #8 – I hope you get value from it!   Read more:


14 Ways To Stay Productive At Work When You’re Dealing With A Personal Crisis

From the end of a relationship to the death of a loved one, difficult life events can often throw you for a loop and make you less productive at work. Hardships like this are simply inevitable. My answer is #10 – I hope you get value from it! Read more:

Experts Warn of Damage to Transamerica Brand After SEC Action

Transamerica’s latest misstep is the latest in a months-long series of announcements that threaten to tarnish the insurer. What’s important now are the company’s next moves, brand consultants say. On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission said affiliates of Baltimore-based Aegon USA — Transamerica’s corporate parent and a subsidiary of the Dutch insurance giant Aegon […]


Effective Ways Employers Can Prevent Overworking Their Workforce

Burned-out employees are becoming the norm rather than the exception. According to a report by Harvard Business Review, psychological and physical problems of burned-out employees cost an estimated $125 to $190 billion a year in health care spending in the U.S. alone. My answer is #10 – I hope you get value from it! Read […]

Starting A Business? 13 Critical Things To Do Before You Quit Your Day Job

At one point or another, most corporate professionals have dreamed of leaving their 9-to-5 behind in pursuit of entrepreneurship. The idea of running your own business is incredibly appealing, especially when stories of people who successfully quit their day jobs seem to be everywhere. But are you really ready to take the leap? My answer […]


How Workaholic Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout: 15 Best Tips

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to make sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It can be addictive to throw yourself into the role and work day and night to make sure your business succeeds. You may have a strong drive or unstoppable motivation that powers you forward, but at […]


Going Through A Late Career Change? 10 Survival Tips

Decades ago, the majority of people chose an industry and stuck with it through their entire careers, from college graduation through retirement. It may seem daunting to switch to a new industry after several decades climbing the ladder in a different one; however, it’s not impossible, and you may even find that you are happier, […]


Nine Ways To Balance Being A Parent And An Entrepreneur

  Working parents know how difficult it is to balance a career with caring for children. However, parents who run their own business experience an added layer to this challenge In many ways, these “parentpreneurs” stretch themselves between two types of babies: the children they’re raising and the business they’re growing. Both require near-constant nurturing […]

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Essential Tips On How To Make Your Business More Human And Likeable

With 70% of Americans actively disengaged from their jobs, creating a workplace environment that employees enjoy is key to providing fulfillment. One step to making your business more likable by employees may have to do with the human factor and how your employees are treated. Employees hate their job for a number of reasons: Office politics, being lied to, […]

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Choose a Theme for the New Year

This time of year you hear a lot of talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Do they work? Don’t they? Everyone has a theory. I’ve written about methods I recommend for creating a successful New Year’s Resolution in the past. And, of course, I’ve written a ton about setting goals and creating plans. But this year, […]

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13 Small But Powerful Ways To Become A Memorable Public Speaker

Not everyone can speak to a crowd. It requires the right temperament to not only handle that many eyes on you but to deliver a strong performance that can inspire action. You need to speak with clarity, offer unique (or at least concrete) advice, and create an inspired connection between you and your listeners. So […]


Bad Press Doesn’t Mean The End: What Your Company Can Do To Recover

Imagine the internet and press are abuzz with news about your firm slipping up. Bad press is a crossroads for a brand, one you will have to cross periodically. With the right steps, companies can regain their footing and potentially gain additional goodwill. Mishandling the issue, however, will damage public perception, perhaps permanently. Members of Forbes Coaches Council talk […]

The 15 Biggest Challenges Of Solopreneurship And How To Overcome Them

Working for and by yourself seems like a dream come true. But solopreneurship does have its share of challenges that business owners who work with teams and partners don’t typically face. Here are some of the biggest challenges solopreneurs face and how to overcome them, according to the leading members of Forbes Coaches Council. My answer is #11 – I hope […]

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15 Ways To Offer Truly Constructive Feedback

Whether it’s positive or negative, formal or informal, any type of feedback from a supervisor or colleague can clue an employee in on where they stand performance-wise. And the right feedback can help them improve significantly.  So how can you provide good and constructive feedback without making the recipient feel personally attacked? Fifteen members of Forbes […]

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To Improve Your Marketing, Establish A Connection Rather Than Focus On The Sell

As a Forbes Coaches Council member, I was asked to give a short answer to this question which was compiled with other council members and published. My answer is #6 – I hope you get value from it! Marketing’s job isn’t to convince the customer to buy. It’s to create trust and rapport. This is […]

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An Idea is Only as Good as the Implementation

What is implementation? im·ple·men·ta·tion /impləmənˈtāSH(ə)n/ (noun) the process of putting a decision or plan into effect; execution. As a creative business owner who loves what you do, you are probably inundated with great ideas every day. You probably get them in the shower, as you’re driving, while you’re sweating on the treadmill. But how many […]

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Magic of Action Video

Check out this fun little video I made!

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Procrastination as Information

When clients admit to procrastinating on an action in session, they are usually shrouded in shame and embarrassment. As if somehow they are a failure, because they’ve been procrastinating. Does this sound familiar: It feels like there’s a part of you that knows you “should” be doing this action and that part even wants to […]

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Is Action Your Missing Piece?

In my fifteen years as a business coach for the professionally creative and creative entrepreneurs, I’ve seen a lot of incredibly smart, very talented people struggle to bring their dreams to fruition. When I first started – I believed that this was largely due to a lack of knowledge in business fundamentals and business skills. […]