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The Internet Marketing Expert – an Interview with Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Having seen Patrick speak, I’m absolutely thrilled to have him join us and teach us about Step 5 – Generating Traffic:

Over 98% of websites get fewer than 5 visitors each day and a fantastic website without traffic does nothing to build your business. Attracting high-quality website visitors doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With some time and a little direction, you can accumulate strategic one-way inbound links and watch the targeted traffic pour in! This presentation will show you how.

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Multiple Streams Step 2: Elicit Their Problems

you chose your niche. Now that you know who you’re marketing to, the next step is to Elicit Their Problems. What does your ideal customer most NEED? WANT? DESIRE? What drives him or her?

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How to Create a Values-Based Career

What does that mean, really? We talk a lot about values, family values, good values – whatever. But do you really know what your values are – consciously? And how exactly do they affect your career choices and path? Your values are the basis of your self-esteem, self-confidence and how you experience the world. What could be more important?

How to Create a Values-Based Career

We hear the term battered around, but do you really know what your values are? Values are what you, personally, consider to be really and truly important. And here’s the challenge – this is completely subjective and often completely unconscious.

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Goals That Get Results

Goal setting is a skill critical to creating success in any area of your life. But expressing what you want in your life in a goal that really works can be a complex and challenging process.

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Multiple Streams Step 1: Niche Picking

Designing your marketing around a Niche can enable you to have a major impact on a small budget. Since most Artists are working with a limited to non-existent marketing budget – Niche Marketing can give you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

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Get Organized

Some of the greatest time management challenges aren’t about time; it’s a lack of organization! Some of the greatest financial challenges have nothing to do with money; it, too, is a lack of organization! And relationship issues? Don’t get me started!

Get Organized

lack of organization costs in so many ways. We lose time looking for lost things. We lose energy as clutter sucks away our life force. We lose focus because each stray paper distracts us.

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Business Management for the Creative Mind Or How to Run Your Art/Music Business

How many times have you thought to yourself — I’m an Artist. I’m just no good at business!

In this dynamic, interactive workshop, I’ll dispel this myth and help you identify and apply your unique talents to create a successful business without sacrificing your art or your integrity.

Debra Russell, Gilli Moon, Art Business Coach

Succeed in the Arts Business – an Interview with Gilli Moon

This month I am privileged to interview Gilli Moon, author of the book, I Am A Professional Artist – The Key To Survival and Success in the World of the Arts. Join us for some practical steps to succeed and survive in the arts business and enjoy your artistry at the same time.

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The Law of Attraction – Revisited

My most recent Artist’s EDGE Newsletter has been generating lots of conversation. Here’s a great email that I just received from Andrea Anderson: “Without doubt, negative thinking is dangerous and self-destructive. On the other hand, saying that a person can change any circumstances outside themselves is quite dangerous and puts them in a position of […]

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Attract Success

Why does Visioning work? Why do some people just seem to magically get what they want? Why is it that sometimes things just seem to flow into your life with ease, and other times, it’s like you’re slogging through mud?
It’s all about the Law of Attraction! The fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction are a basic tenet of the work that I do here at Artist’s EDGE.

Booking Strategies, An Interview with Jeri Goldstein

This month we interview Jeri Goldstein, author of How to Be Your Own Booking Agent: The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide to Successful Touring. In the call, Jeri will help to make the dreaded task of promoting yourself easier, less stressful, and more productive, for musicians and non-musicians alike.

The Law of Attraction – Truth or Fiction?

In the last year, The Secret has brought the Universal Law of Attraction into the awareness of the broad public mind. But for some of us, this was no secret. Whether you loved the movie or hated it (and I had both visceral reactions), there is no denial that The Secret movie has raised awareness of the universal principle — the Law of Attraction. And I am truly grateful for that.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

In February, we did a call for the Artists Marketing & Business Academy called, “Create Systems – Work Smarter, Not Harder” to begin to address one of the key mistakes artists make in their business. The essence of this mistake is to think of yourself in terms of a self-employed freelancer, going from gig to […]

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The Art of Outsourcing – An interview with Tiamo De Vettori

This month we interviewed the LA Music Awards’ Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year, Tiamo De Vettori, on The Art of Outsourcing – how to get volunteers to enthusiastically do the things that you don’t like to do. He also touched on cross promotion – how to minimize your work and multiply your fan base, and […]

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Creating Your Niche – A Conversation with Nancy Moran

Everybody says you have to have a niche. But how do you create a unique and profitable niche that suits you? In this month’s Interview with an Expert, we’ll be interviewing successful performer Nancy Moran. We are talking with Nancy about niche marketing – one of her favorite topics. We’ll examine some real-life case studies […]

Procrastination vs. Keeping My Word to Myself

How do I get myself to do what I’m “supposed” do? So often, that’s what procrastination looks like. I’m supposed to be doing “A”, but instead I’m doing “B”. I’m supposed to get up and shower, but instead I’m cuddling with my kitty and drinking more coffee. But perhaps the problem is in the way […]

Procrastination – A Closer Look

In the August Newsletter, I wrote about procrastination and I promised to write more about it in the Artist’s EDGE Blog. And here it is 5 months later. The truth is, I’ve been procrastinating about blogging. Oh, the irony! In the Newsletter, my advice is to ask yourself, what’s really going on. So — let’s […]

Clearing the Space – A Focusing Tool

During extremely busy times, times of emotional turmoil and major change, you may also find it difficult to focus on what you’re doing because your mind is cluttered with all the other stuff that’s going on. This is a process that I use with my private clients to create focus. I learned this in Coaching […]