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Debra Recommends LaTour de Force Productions

Professional Performance Reel Production Latour de Force Productions will take your footage and help choose your scenes in a fashion that will best represent you, while being consistent with your brand! They custom design your reel, and make it fun to watch – with titles, captions, transitions, and music. They also apply basic color and […]

Debra Russell, Artist’s Success Coach

Debra Russell, Artist’s Success Coach – YouTube Steve Piazzale, Ph.D., Career/Life Coach ( interviews Debra Russell, an Artist’s Success Coach. Debra shows how artists can improve their business acumen without compromising their art. She also tells us what career opportunities are available for artists and how she, and her company Artist’s Edge, help them get […]

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The Devil on Your Shoulder

In my life, I’ve done a lot of work with the critic’s voice, learning techniques and getting quite good at transforming my inner critic to support and inform my forward progress (rather than criticize and impede it). I’ve gotten to the point where, these days, I rarely hear a critical voice in my head. And […]

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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Step 1: Starting Point Assessment – Where Are You NOW?

Once they’ve set a goal, most people make the mistake of jumping right into action doing the stuff they think they should.  But how can you successfully plan for a journey without knowing where you’re starting from? In any journey from Point A to Point B – identifying Point A (your starting point) will enable […]

Welcome to the Success eCourse

Dear , Welcome and thank you for making a commitment to yourself and your own success! You will be receiving one email each week for the next 10 weeks. Please add Success-Solutions [at] to your address book, to be sure you receive the Solutions to your Challenges. Because people have trouble with long emails […]

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Solution #1: Time Management

What it feels like: I need more time!! I need a 48 hour day to get it all done! You have so much to do and never enough time to do it. When you finally manage some time to work on your creative career, there is so much to do: practice your craft, create new […]

Solution #2: How to Create Success in the Arts and Entertainment Industry

What it feels like: This business is so complicated, ever-changing, and such a mystery. Where’s my How-To Manual for Success? How do I get myself seen, heard, read and most importantly HIRED by the right people? What about all the dangers and pitfalls I keep hearing about? Other people have succeeded in this business, how […]

Solution #3: Lack of Support for Your Dreams

What it feels like: I feel like I’m always working alone and everyone and everything around me is telling me I’ll never make it. You’re surrounded by people and messages that your art is not a Real Job. Your family/friends don’t seem to take your ambitions seriously. You don’t know how to get taken seriously […]

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CJCMRN- Music Business Showcase: Special Guest Debra Russell

JOIN US LIVE @ 8PM EST and call in and join the conversation, we want to hear from you! 1-347-857-2477 You can skype-in  or join our chat room while you listen and ask questions with our hosts. We will be interviewing Coach Debra Russell, who will be discussing her self study program ‘ Multiple Streams […]

Solution #4: Money and Finances

What it feels like: I’m useless when it comes to money. Where does it all go? How do I budget money when I don’t know from week to week how much I’ll bring in? How do I know when I’m making enough money from my art to quit my day job? When I start thinking […]

Solution #5: Organization

What it feels like: I’m so disorganized! My desk is such a mess! I can never find what I need. Your space feels messy, cluttered and stifling You waste a lot of time hunting for things you can’t find. You have a tough time keeping track of your many ideas and projects. You don’t have […]

Solution #6: Lack of Consistency and Sustainability

What it feels like: There is no consistency to my success. I start marketing, then I get too busy to market and then opportunities begin to dry up and so I get back to marketing…. You make a commitment to working on your career and you’re good for a few days or weeks, but then […]

Solution #7: Fear of Success or Failure

What it feels like: You can’t seem to get past the first big hurdle – FEAR – It grips you like a cold metal fist in your gut. It feels like a vicious circle and you just don’t know how to break free. You’re afraid to say what you really want, because what if you […]

Solution #8: Lack of Balance

What it feels like: You’ve got nothing left. You’ve lost the joy you used to feel in the creative act. You feel so burned out you can barely stand to drag yourself to your gig and your relationships are falling apart. You pour all your time and energy into the day job that supports you […]

Solution #9: Creativity Blockage

What it feels like: You feel so blocked. When you do get a few minutes to be creative, it just doesn’t flow. You sit down to create and nothing comes, or what comes feels horrible. You have been pushing so hard and working so hard that you feel burnt out and there is nothing left […]

Solution #10: Lack of Belief

What it feels like: I don’t really believe that I can make it in this business. No matter what you do or what you accomplish, it just doesn’t “feel” good enough. That little voice on the inside keeps bringing up all your obstacles: “You don’t take your art seriously enough” “You just suck at the […]

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Internet Marketing 101

SEO! SEM! PPC! Oh My! The internet has paved the way for the Artist Entrepreneur to create your own career without waiting for the record deal, the publishing deal or anybody to “discover” you. But learning what you need to know and figuring out how to apply it to your business can quickly become overwhelming. […]

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Websites and the Artist Entrepreneur

Internet Marketing Part Deux In last month’s Newsletter, I talked about the importance of not only having a presence on the Internet but having a presence that would be easily discoverable by your prospective customers, clients and fans. And that the trick to being found is through the use of good key words and SEO […]

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Music Marketing in the Real World – An Interview with Michael Brandvold

KISS, yeah the band. The guy who spits blood and sticks out his tongue. The band that wears more makeup and higher heels than your mom. What can you learn about marketing from them? KISS is alot more that just caskets and condoms. Michael Brandvold will share with Debra Russell some of the marketing lessons […]

Internet Marketing and the Artist Entrepreneur

Whether you’re in music, film, dance, the visual arts or writing, the presence of the Internet has significantly changed your industry in the last 20 years. For many of the big corporations who in the past controlled your industry, these changes have been terrifying, threatening their very existence. For the artist entrepreneur, the DIY artist, […]