First Annual Songwriting Craft and Collaboration Hangout

I’m proud to announce that Debra Russell will be joining us for our First Annual Songwriting Craft and Collaboration Hangout.
Saturday Jan. 26th @ 12pm (Pacific Time Zone)
Debra has created several innovative programs which have been presented at entertainment industry trade conferences including SXSW, the Western Arts Alliance, TAXI Road Rally, NSAI’s Songposium and Advanced Songwriter’s Camp, San Francisco Women’s Film Festival as well as to private groups and organizations throughout the US and Australia.

Debra Russell, Artist’s Success Coach

Debra Russell, Artist’s Success Coach – YouTube

Steve Piazzale, Ph.D., Career/Life Coach ( interviews Debra Russell, an Artist’s Success Coach. Debra shows how artists can improve their business acumen without compromising their art. She also tells us what career opportunities are available for artists and how she, and her company Artist’s Edge, help them get unblocked and improve their creativity.

Steve Piazzale helps you get the work you want and deserve. For more information about career coaching please visit:

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CJCMRN- Music Business Showcase: Special Guest Debra Russell

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You can skype-in  or join our chat room while you listen and ask questions with our hosts.

We will be interviewing Coach Debra Russell, who will be discussing her self study program ‘ Multiple Streams of Music income’ a 10 part multi-media program. She is the founder of Artist’s EDGE, which combines her two passions– the world of entertainment with facilitating growth and change in people’s lives. As a Certified Business Coach and workshop leader, Debra works with creative individuals, groups and organizations to help shape their success in their chosen field.

Warrior Women Wine and Wisdom

For every women who believes that we are stronger together rather than apart. Who believes in tribal wisdom and the sharing of great stories. Who loves a great glass of wine (or two). Who believes that every woman has a right to find their inner warrior. Capture Power. Capture Love. Capture Wisdom. The Power is within You. This is for the woman in you. The woman who knows she has so much to offer the world. For the woman who just wants to feel inspired. For the woman who knows her power is in being strong, sexy, and loving. Are you that woman? Then this is for you. Do you want to be this woman? Then this radio show is for you! Be ready to be inspired – any day – everyday!

Preview of Entertainment Coach Debra Russell @Taxi

Preview of Entertainment Coach Debra Russell @Taxi – YouTube

Entertainment Business coach Debra talks to Alex about how to become more successful in the music business.

See the entire interview at

Find Debra Russell at

Capture Power > Capture Love > Capture Wisdom >The Power is within You.

Your host, Ann Evanston is launching her first show with the amazing Debra Russell. Debra combines her two passions into her work– the world of entertainment with facilitating growth and change in people’s lives. Debra will share her story about how a significant health or life challenge can be a tremendous gift. As an Artist’s Success Coach and workshop leader, Debra works with creative individuals to help shape their success in their chosen field. Debra is a certified business Results Coach, additionally certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neurological Repatterning and Ericksonian Hypnosis. She specializes in serving the Arts and Entertainment Industries working with performers, writers, and visual artists as as well as executives, producers, venue owners, agents and those involved in production.–capture-wisdom-the-pow

Attitude of Gratitude – How to Deal with Rejection. Special guest Debra Russell

Rising Star University students will learn how to deal with rejection and project an attitude of gratitude. Recording artists face intense scrutiny by sharing their most intimate selves with the world. Don’t let the critics get you down! Turn yourself on when the going gets tough. Debra Russell of Artist’s Edge is my special guest and is ready to share her secrets with you!

Debra Russell Twitter Technology Training T3

Debra Russell Twitter Technology Training T3 – YouTube

Debra Russell, Artist EDGE gives testimonial about Ann Evanston and her Twitter Technology Training T3

Debra Russell – Niche Marketing

Debra Russell – Niche Marketing – YouTube

Edited highlights of a presentation given at the Sandbox Suites by Debra Russell on June 30, 2009.

‘Niche Marketing’ discusses why many business owners are afraid to define their niche on the mistaken premise that they will lose business as a result. The truth is just the opposite. Designing your marketing around a Niche can enable you to have a major impact on a small budget. Since most business owners are working with a limited to non-existent marketing budget Niche Marketing can give you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

In this video Debra discusses what is a niche and how does it apply to your business. Specifically:

– The 8 steps of business income
– Finding a niche
– What apsects of a niche to research
– How to use Google and Yahoo Groups
– Best ways to use LinkedIn
– How to combine Niche marketing with Social Networking to create high impact with a very low investment

Debra Russell, founder of Artists EDGE, Certified Master Results Coach and Master NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner uses her business knowledge and ability to facilitate change and growth to help small business owners create a prosperous and sustainable living doing what you love. Debra specializes in small business and the Arts and Entertainment Industry and has presented several innovative programs for industry trade conferences across the country.

Debra’s presentation is based on the book “Multiple Streams of Coaching Income” by Andrea Lee.

Debra Russell
Artist’s EDGE
Business Coach for the Arts and Entertainment Industry
1124 Ballena Blvd, Suite 3
Alameda, CA 94501
510-521-EDGE (3343)
debra (at)
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