Debra Russell

Is it Failure or Feedback? by @artistsedge

by Debra Russell | Featured Contributor

So often, we make decisions based on the fear of failure. We avoid taking risks in our business, because we might fail. We don’t ask for what we want, because we interpret “No” to mean failure. We don’t ask for the sale, ask the scary questions, or ask for help, because all of these things carry the risk of failure attached to them.

Or do they? Are those imagined negative consequences actually failure?

Or are they just feedback?

Definition of Failure and Feedback

Failure* –

  1. The condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short
  2. The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends

feedback or testimonials blue icon or button. Publical commentsFeedback* –

  1. A reaction or response to a particular process or activity.
  2. Evaluative information derived from such a reaction or response.

* Definitions from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

So, let’s take a real world (albeit hypothetical) example, apply these two definitions and see what happens.

Let’s say you’ve put your name in for a job or opportunity and that felt like a real stretch – this is an area you want to work in, but haven’t yet. Or this is the kind of client you want in your business, but they’re perhaps bigger than you’ve tried for up to this point.

And let’s say you didn’t get it. Or perhaps worse, you were called in for an interview, called back to be interviewed by the next level of decision makers, perhaps you even got into the top 2 or 3 choices. And you didn’t get it.