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Debra Recommends Google Apps for Business

Debra Russell recommends, google, web 2.0, cloud sourcing, calendar, emailGoogle Applications is a web 2.0 solution for email, calendar and more.  I’ve been using it for my business for about 9 months now and I’ve been very happy so far.  I was using Microsoft Outlook, but when I would search for an email it would literally take 5-10 minutes.  And with Google, without getting rid of any of my 10,000+ emails, it takes me under 5 seconds to find an email.

Since I run a great deal of my business via email, I can’t delete them.  I need the record of those interactions.  Using Google’s tremendous search capability and incredibly generous free storage capability has solved this problem for me.

And like all things Google, they are always improving the system.  Is it perfect?  No.  But, I can access my email, my calendar and documents, my task list, from any internet portal.  And now that I’m traveling so much as a Speaker, this has become incredibly important.

Not tech savvy?  For a few bucks, you can have an expert get you up and running on Google Apps in no time!  Let me refer you to my good friend Adam Schwartz at Computer Courage, here in the bay area.  You can also check the Google Apps Support Page for a provider near you.

Oh, by the way, Google Apps is free….

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