The Artists Marketing & Business Academy is made up primarily of musicians – about 90% at present. And … small business owners in all aspects of the Arts & Entertainment industry and beyond can benefit from these resources.  There have been and are Academy Members from many industries, primarily small business owners.

You’ll find that issues and solutions are often discussed  in terms of the music world.

With a little imagination, you can easily translate these issues and their solutions to apply to other creative spheres and other industries. For example, stage fright can occur on stage, but it can also occur at your art opening, when pitching your film or book idea, or when presenting your portfolio for review.  It can occur when making a sales presentation or connecting with new prospects at networking events.  But it’s up to you to translate them for your own needs.

  • When you listen to the class think about how those conversations apply to your situation, challenges, and needs.
  • Post questions about how to translate particular information in the class in the comments and Debra will answer your question there.

There are Academy Members from other creative professions, and many of the musician Members are also involved in other areas, such as acting, photography, and writing, not to mention their day jobs. Take advantage of the many opportunities for support and growth.

This is your Program. Make it work for you.