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Success Skill Fundamentals

If you study successful people, you will discover that underlying their unique talents, the most visible source of their success, there are foundational skills that facilitate their ability to use those talents.

These skills make the difference between really talented people who struggle and those that realize their visions.  And in study after study, it is the Emotional Intelligence skills that are more predictive of success than either IQ or talent (beyond a certain basic level).

Often invisible to the casual observer, these skills allow you to:

  • maintain confidence in the face of doubters,
  • show tenacity of purpose and stubborn perseverance in the face of obstacles,
  • and use creative problem-solving to move steadfastly towards your goals.

Are these qualities innate?  If you’re not born with them, are you just out of luck?

I don’t think so.  I have seen many clients learn and apply these skills with great success.  And I know you can too!

“Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly, and you will be amazed at the positive results.
William James

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Foundation Program

  1. Emotional Intelligence – A Critical Skill for Success
  2. 100% Ownership – The First Key to Leadership
  3. Attract Success


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Emotional Intelligence

  1. Attitude of Gratitude or How to Handle Rejection and the Other Hard Stuff!
  2. Transform Your Belief – The Key To Success
  3. Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Staunchest Ally

Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Unblock Your Creativity
  2. Overcoming Fear
  3. How to Move Past Your Fear of Success or Failure

Power of Positive Thinking

  1. Confidence
  2. An Act of Willpower – the Process of Perseverance
  3. How to Use Feedback and Criticism Constructively


In the Hopper

Following are class topics Debra is currently considering for this Learning Track:

  • the Power of Positive Thinking
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Healthy Boundaries (including How to Say No!)
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
  • Tools for Transformation

To suggest additional ideas, contact Debra