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Promotion, Marketing & Sales

Promotion: Becoming visible to a broader audience

Marketing: Creating an environment in which people WANT to buy

Sales: Exchanging goods and/or services for payment

Without this key pillar, your business will fail.

No matter how good your product or service is, no matter how unique and special, no matter how important your message, if no one knows you exist, your business will not exist… for long.

And knowing you exist isn’t enough.  They have to want what you offer.  Want it enough to put their hand up and their money down.

The secret is to make the time to immerse yourself in the people you’re marketing to. To live them, breathe with them and study them from every angle.”

Lisa Fortini-Campbell, Ph.D.

This is the most frequent problem that makes people contact Artist’s EDGE.  So you might be wondering, why isn’t it the first learning track?  Because, while it’s critically important to your businesses success, you must first:

  1. Know where you are going by defining your vision, your goals, your definition of success
  2. Overcome your internal blocks of fear, lack of confidence and build the skills of emotional intelligence
  3. Create a strong foundation of business skills and systems including consistent time management and organization, responsible financial management and a basic understanding of how business works

Without these three pillars in place, the fourth pillar of promotion, marketing & sales can’t stand on its own. 

I’ve seen it time and again.  What trips up your business isn’t the lack of or ineffectiveness of your marketing, it’s your fears or your lack of organization and consistent follow-up that blocks marketing efforts from being successful.

It’s a lack of preparation that stops you from taking full advantage of opportunities that come your way.  Remember


So, if you’ve come to this section, thinking, “I don’t need those other Learning Tracks, I just need to learn how to market.” I strongly recommend you think again and start with Track 1.

Building a solid foundation and then putting up 4 strong pillars will put a strong roof over your head and allow your business to support your growth and stand the test of time.

Enroll in the Artists Marketing & Business Academy to access these classes today!

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Foundation Program

  1. Marketing 101
  2. Branding 101
  3. Multiple Streams of Art/Music Income

Ready to get serious? Enroll in the Artists Marketing & Business Academy Professional Program to access these classes today!

Your Tuition ($79 per month) includes all Foundation level classes PLUS the Professional level classes PLUS the Time Management Mastery Course & App.

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Professional Program

  1. How to Embrace Your Unique Voice as an Artist
  2. Niche Marketing – How Thinking Small can Payoff BIG!
  3. How to Create a Fanbase From Scratch
  4. How to Manage Your Marketing – the Contact Management System
  5. Mining the Gold from Your Networking Contacts

 Multiple Streams of Art/Music Income

  1. Step 1: Pick Your Niche
  2. Step 2: Elicit Their Problems
  3. Step 3: Find Solutions
  4. Step 4: Develop Your Product Funnel
  5. Step 5: Generate Traffic
  6. Step 6: Convert Prospects
  7. Step 7: Strengthen Relationships
  8. Step 8: BOP Positioning

Bonus Interviews with Experts

Sub-Specialty Track

In addition to these General Marketing Skills Classes, the ArtistsMBA Promotion, Marketing and Sales Skills learning track includes 1 Sub-Specialty Track, which has both Foundation and Professional Program classes:

In the Hopper

Following are class topics Debra is currently considering for this Learning Track:

  • How to Create a Marketing Plan
  • How to Create a Lifetime Fan
  • How to Use Your Passion to Expand Your Reach

To suggest additional ideas, contact Debra