Contact Management or CRM is an important aspect of the Administrative hat. It can help you manage your interactions with different customers, clients or even prospects through a system.

  • 3×5 Contact Management System
    Back in the good old days, before such things as computerized contact management systems, salesmen created a physical contact management system.  I learned this system many years ago, while working in the Network Marketing world.  For those of you who prefer the tactile sensation of a physical contact management system, but are finding that just ...
  • Debra Recommends 1ShoppingCart
    But if you’re like me and you want something that requires very little programming to customize the look and feel. And a system that offers all the bells and whistles you want and need from your shopping cart – this is a great solution!
  • Debra Recommends AWeber – Email Marketing at it’s Best
    AWeber is a supercharged email marketing tool. Priced competitively, it allows for more targeted marketing than some of the other tools I’ve recommended.
  • Debra Recommends CardScan
    I have been using a CardScan scanner for 5 years, and it’s saved me literally hundreds of hours. I gather business cards where ever I go. And these cards used to sit in piles on my desk. Now, in a jif, I scan them into a database, add them to my newsletter ...
  • Debra Recommends Constant Contact – Email Marketing
    Constant Contact’s leading email marketing and online survey tools—supported by its expert personal coaching and support—help all types of small businesses and organizations create professional-looking email newsletters and insightful online surveys and begin a dialogue with their customers.
  • Debra Recommends Daylite – More than CRM for Mac
    So, first let me say – I am not a Mac user.  However, I have a lot of clients who are, and so I have been looking for a CRM solution for my Mac clients.  One of my clients brought me this product and he is thrilled with it.  So, I wanted to pass it ...
  • Debra Recommends ifanz
    ifanz is a very cool resource originally developed for musicians, but really applicable for creative professionals in all walks of life who are building their career by building their relationship with their fans.  More than just a database and newsletter management tool, it also offers one-stop shopping for many of the needs of the small ...

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