In the Administrative hat, it is also important to manage the finances. One of the reasons why some businesses become unsuccessful is mismanagement of finances.

  • Debra Recommends Cashflow Quadrant
    This brilliant look at the four kinds of business people had a significant impact in how I think about myself and my business as well as what I teach in Business Management for the Creative Mind
  • Debra Recommends The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
    Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying by Suze Orman When Suze Orman was 13 she watched her father dive into the flames of his burning take-out chicken shack in order to rescue his cash register. In that moment Orman learned that money was more important than life itself. And so it became her quest ...
  • How to Manage Cash Flow for Your Art Business
    Do you know the number 1 reason businesses fail?  Cash Flow. Or to use business terminology, insufficient capital or operating funds. Knowing how to manage your finances (business and personal), manage your cash flow and plan your cash flow management is critical to your success. In this class Debra will show you how to take your business ...
  • How to Prepare for a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign, an Interview with Ariel Hyatt
    In today’s DIY Music Business, many artists are looking to crowd funding to replace the financing that a record deal used to provide. But the success rates of crowd funding efforts in the music industry are not all Amanda F. Palmer stories. It’s not the get rich quick solution to your financial woes. Luckily for us, ...
  • Money Management: Building Your Financial Foundation
    Many of us think our trouble with money is that we just don’t have enough. If we had more money, our problems would disappear. But the vast majority of lottery winners are broke within 3 years. The problem isn’t the money – it’s how we think about, manage, and use this essential resource. “Money is only a tool. ...

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