Organization is another subcategory of the Administrative hat. It goes hand in hand with time and project management as well as all the other aspects of the Administrative hat.

  • Ask the Organizer
    During the course of a given day, think about how many different ways you might be distracted from the tasks you have in front of you – a notification pops up in the corner of your screen letting you know you have a new email, your phone vibrates to let you know you received a ...
  • Ask The Organizer – An Interview with Joshua Zerkel, Certified Professional Organizer
    Do you ever have trouble getting – or staying – organized? If so, you’re not alone – organizing your space, managing your time, and keeping track of your information can get pretty overwhelming. In this open forum Q&A call, members got answers to their most challenging organizing questions, problems and conundrums from Joshua Zerkel of ...
  • Debra Recommends Feng Shui for Dummies
    What I love about this book is it takes a system shrouded in mystery and woo-woo and gives the reader a pragmatic and usable understanding so you can apply this to your own space.
  • Debra Recommends Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
    Karen is a friend of mine – and she’s sure helped me with a few of my Feng Shui challenges!
  • Debra Recommends Organizing From the Inside Out
    The Foolproof System For Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life by Julie Morgenstern I loved this book! I became so much better at managing my space which has freed up time and energy for other things. Amazon says: It’s about time! Julie Morgenstern has written an organizing book that covers a new way of looking at the ...
  • Get Organized
    lack of organization costs in so many ways. We lose time looking for lost things. We lose energy as clutter sucks away our life force. We lose focus because each stray paper distracts us.
  • Get Organized
    Some of the greatest time management challenges aren’t about time; it’s a lack of organization! Some of the greatest financial challenges have nothing to do with money; it, too, is a lack of organization! And relationship issues? Don’t get me started!
  • How to Create Focus
    At any given moment, on any given day, the average person is thinking about 14 different things – Does that sound familiar? Between the Day Job (for many Artists), family, your personal needs (such as exercise), and your ambitions for creating your business as a professional in the Arts & Entertainment Industry, life can be ...
  • Managing Conflicting Priorities
    At any given moment, on any given day, you could be doing a hundred different things, right? And at any given moment on any given day, you probably see half a dozen things that seem to be of equal urgency and priority. But you’re just one person. So how do you choose the right action?
  • Motivation and Momentum – the Missing Ingredients to Effective Time Management
    The Missing Ingredients to Effective Time Management
  • Procrastination is Keeping Me Waiting
    One of the most frequently asked question in my Ask Coach Debra calls is how to deal with procrastination. Very often we know what we need to do.  And yet somehow, we can’t get ourselves to sit down and do it! All of the Time Management structures and systems you’ve learned to create in the Time Management ...
  • Project Management – The Key to Getting Stuff Done!
    Too much to do! It all feels equally urgent! Oi – where do I start? Sound familiar? We have so many demands on us – both externally – people wanting us to get stuff done for them – and internally – fulfilling our dreams and goals. How do you manage it ...
  • Project Management – The Performance Results Description Tool
    The PRD allows you to visually link your goals to your daily activities as well as develop a working plan for how you’ll reach those goals.
  • Time Management 101 – The Art of Juggling
    “If only I had more time! Then I could do all that I want to do!” There are 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. That won’t change. So how do you use what you have to create the life that you want? The solution isn’t by figuring out how to do more stuff.  It’s figuring out how to adjust ...
  • Time Management Bookends – A Framework for Success
    Time Management is the Number One System that will enable you to achieve sustainable success in your business and your life. If your Time Management isn’t working – nothing else will. I have worked with literally hundreds of clients on the issues that a poor time management system creates They include: Procrastination Difficulties with prioritization Boundary issues with family and friends Feelings ...

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