Songwriting Craft and Collaboration – Hangout

+Tim Behrens

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Had the great pleasure of joining +Christopher Joel Thomspon today for the Songwriting Craft and Collaboration hangout.  Lots of good conversation about songwriting, self-promotion, time management, hangouts, etc.

And what a great group of people.  Chris Thompson is an amazing songwriter and performer, with a passion for music, and a knack for moderating conversations.   Be sure to look for his musical community by the same name (Songwriting Craft and Collaboration).

I was especially excited to cross paths with +Debra Russell from Artist’s EDGE, a true professional and creative coach with lots of great insights to offer.  She mentioned that she will be involved in the upcoming Virtual Music Conference and Expo, something worth checking out if you are interested in learning about the music business.

Also in attendance, social media and all around enthusiasts, +Diane Cobb  and +George Miller from the online show, “Let’s Talk About It”.. and two of my favorite songwriters, and people, +James Olmos and +Suzen JueL

Be sure to check out toward the end, where James shares one of my personal favorite tunes, “Surrender All”.

Thankful for all the inspiration and looking forward to next time.

PS.  If you enjoy the conversation here, keep an eye out for more episodes of ‘Live @ the Google Coffee House’ with myself, James Olmos, and many others from this great community.