Venues and Artists – A Complex Relationship

Last week, an interesting conversation erupted on a music list-serve that I participate in.  I think there is much to be learned from this both by the Venue Owners/Bookers and the Performing Artists who depend on those bookers for their gigs.  I have removed all of the names/locations because the real issues here are applicable across locations, genre and venue size.  If you are a performing artist looking to book gigs – I strongly recommend you read on – don’t make these mistakes yourself!  And if you are a venue owner or booker – you may also find this informative.

First an edited excerpt of the initial post from the booker:

I need some guidance or at least some constructive feedback.  The email text listed below was forwarded to us by multiple attendees of our [events].  This message was sent as an email to everyone who signed up for this artist’s email list when they performed at our [venue] about 18 months ago.

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Debra Recommends Concerts in Your Home

music, concerts, live musicFran Snyder has created a great resource for musicians who are looking to perform in house concert venues as well as home-owners who are interested in creating wonderful events in their homes.

Their Mission:
CIYH creates and nurtures opportunities that pay artists to perform in a listening environment, while bringing communities together with a renewed passion for live music.

It’s increasingly challenging for touring performers to draw audiences to clubs, and more difficult still to connect with these audiences in a meaningful way. Most venues offer too many distractions (televisions, loud conversations, etc.), and are far too reliant on alcohol sales and a “Top 40” atmosphere.

CIYH promotes the concept of house concerts to artists and music lovers across the U.S. and beyond. Through the web and word-of-mouth, this site promotes the appeal of house concerts and helps turn music fans into concert promoters.

Concerts In Your Home

Debra Recommends Local 1000 American Federation of Musicians

Local 1000 was created by and for traveling musicians. No matter where you live in Canada or the U.S., if you tour on the folk, bluegrass and acoustic music circuit, Local 1000 is for you, working together to make things better for all traveling folk, bluegrass, blues and acoustic musicians. (Their members also include performance poets and sign language interpreters.)

You will perform under union contracts, with union power to back them up. Instruments, computers and equipment are insured for replacement value, at rates you can afford.




Debra Recommends Folk Venue List Serve

A list serve for folk venue promoters – primarily a place for them to discuss amongst themselves the issues that they face as venues.

This is NOT  a good place to promote your act – but is useful for market research.  This is a great place for a musician to lurk and find out what are the problems, needs, and desires of acoustic venue bookers.  The better to be able to solve their problems and fulfill their needs and desires – making you a more attractive act to book.

Folk Venue List-Serve

Booking Strategies, An Interview with Jeri Goldstein

artists-marketing-business-academy-interview-with-expertsThis month we interview Jeri Goldstein, author of How to Be Your Own Booking Agent: The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide to Successful Touring.

In the call, Jeri will help to make the dreaded task of promoting yourself easier, less stressful, and more productive, for musicians and non-musicians alike.

You’ll learn:

  • Why cold calls to prospective promoters can actually reduce your chances of a successful booking
  • 4 powerful steps to help you reduce your cold calls and turn them into referral calls
  • How to mine the raw gold of valuable contacts buried in your own files
  • The amazing networking power already in your possession or within your reach
  • How to make booking an easier, more satisfying experience … and get more positive responses

Additional Resources for this Interview:

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Listen to the Interview:

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Jeri Goldstein

Debra Russell, Artists Marketing and Business Academy, Jeri Goldstein, Internet Marketing, Social Media MarketingJeri Goldstein, often referred to by her students and clients as Dr. Gig, teaches self-motivated musicians and performing artists how to Get Great Gigs and create tours that make more money. Become a Gig Magnet using the artist-tested strategies and resources Jeri has developed. Learn how to book more events in your uniquely targeted niche market more easily. Jeri helps you narrow your focus to expand your audience and build a larger, more appreciative fan-base. Touring is often the life blood of a performing artist. She is committed to providing you with the tools you need to create profitable tours and achieve your career goals.