You were born to create.

You love what you do – so much, you’d do it for free.

But that doesn’t mean you should do it for free…or that it has to be so hard.

Deciding to follow your passion is your heart’s choice. It’s about being true to yourself and that small light inside of you that must be seen, must be voiced, must be heard, must be honored.

But you have to eat, right? You have to take care of yourself and your family. You have to pay your mortgage.

I get it. For over a decade, I’ve been working with folks just like you, who have chosen to follow their passion as their vocation/career. I’ve seen the same, specific challenges arise over and over again, for just about every professional artist, performer and creative. And I’ve worked closely with them to help them discover real, viable solutions to overcome each one of these challenges.

These solutions can help you get past the struggle and get on the path to success with ease and joy. Now, I’m sharing them with you in a free eCourse I’m calling:

“The Top Ten Solutions You Need to Succeed in the Arts & Entertainment World”

I was pretty numb and stuck in past patterns and habits, and your tools of wisdom helped me to break through to a better place. A big Thank You!

Thank you Debra. Your advice has really been so perfect for me and the timing of it as well. Just a little feedback for you to say thank you….and that your system is the best! Have an extra special day knowing you are helping other people in ways you don’t even know.

Every week, you will receive a link to a new Solution to a common challenge in your email. Each article is filled with ideas, resources and concrete actions you can take to help you overcome your obstacles to building success doing what you love.

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Why would I give away information this valuable?

Mostly, because I want to see you succeed. I believe the Arts make the world a richer, happier place, and that the more people who succeed, the more space is made for even more success. But beyond that, seeing people living strong, happy, passionate lives doing what they love gives me tremendous joy. Helping to make that happen is both my passion and my mission.

It was with a great sense of sadness that I read Challenge #10 today. Challenge #10 meant that the weekly gift of insight, laughter, shaking my head, and inspiration was at an end.

But there is another reason. I believe that once you experience these first ten solutions and begin to see a shift in your career, you will want to learn even more about turning your passion into a thriving, life-sustaining career. And I hope you will join me in the Artist’s Marketing & Business Academy, where performers, artists and other creative entrepreneurs learn all the skills it takes to build a successful business from the ground up.

This course is 100% free.

My name is Debra Russell. I’m a former actress and performer and I worked production in film and television. So I understand the challenges of creating a successful career in the arts, first hand. And for over a decade, I have specialized in working with artists and passionate entrepreneurs, helping them overcome their challenges to success.

Professionals in Music, Film, TV, Artists, Producers and Dancers, Visual Arts, Writers… I have worked with artists in every medium and creative entrepreneurs in many industries. I have shown each of them the keys to business success. I have taught them what they needed to know to succeed in the business and focus on their art. And I have supported them in implementing these keys into their business and helped them reach the next level in their careers.

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